District Court, Weld County, CO Court

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District Court, Weld County, CO Court Address: 915 10th Street, Greeley, CO 80632 ---------------------------------------- Plaintiff(s): BYERLY GROUP I, INC. DBA PEAK KIA NORTH v. Defendant(s): GRANT T. WADE ---------------------------------------- Case Number: 2017 C 031182 Division: C ----------------------------------------- MOTION FOR ORDER FOR PUBLICATION ----------------------------------------- COMES NOW the Plaintiff, by its attorney, Leif A. Nelson, P.C., and hereby moves this Court for an Order for Publication, and as grounds therefor, shows unto the Court as follows: 1. On May 11, 2017, judgment entered against Defendant Grant T. Wade, in the amount of$3,463.85. 2. A garnishment was served on U.S. National Bank Association fka First National Bank on January 25, 2019, a copy of the affidavit of service is attached hereto and marked as Exhibit A. 3. Plaintiff has used due diligence in trying to locate the defendant, but has been unable to locate the Defendant with a Notice of Exemption and Pending Levy. Numerous attempts for service have been made by the Weld County Sheriff, Civil Division, but to no avail. Several attempts have also been made to locate a new address for the Defendant and have been unable to locate a valid address for service. WHEREFORE, Plaintiff, BYERLY GROUP I, INC. DBA PEAK KIA NORTH, respectfully prays this court enter the attached proposed Order for Publication and allowing it as service upon the Defendant, Grant T. Wade Respectfully submitted, BY: /s/ Leif Nelson Leif Nelson, #13902 Attorney for Plaintiff The Tribune March 15, 2019